Old Greer Barn

I know I’ve shared a number of photos from my trip to Greer Farm in east Texas over the last few weeks. There are two reasons for this: first it was such a beautiful place and very photogenic. I could have taken more, however as I’ve said before…it was a quick trip. The other reason was because it was the first time in a very long time that I’d been on a trip and had an opportunity to take pictures.

So, once again here is a photo from that trip. This is of the old barn on the property of the Greer Farm. It is used by many goats, chickens and cats. There are more photos of this structure that perhaps I’ll share later. This has been processed using a texture from Shadow House Creations.



3 thoughts on “Old Greer Barn

  1. Amazing! I love barns! I love the texturing. I want to be a photographer like you when I grow up. I finally used my new camera for the first time last weekend on a trip to Charleston. check them out on JulieMooreonlife.wordpress.com. They are not real impressive but its a start.


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