A Small Tip with a Big Benefit (Camera Set-up Tip)

This tip is geared toward Photographers. (Just a heads up in the case you aren’t one and don’t wanna be bored.)

Now, for those of you who are photographers, I’ll narrow it down further. If you are one who 1) has a camera that allows for setting custom modes and 2) enjoy shooting for HDR using bracketing, then this *tip is for you!

(*I would like to add a side note here: This may be old news and I’m just behind times. It was new to me and a tip I’m so thankful that I discovered so just figured I’d share in the case anyone else out there who stumbles across my little blog isn’t using this method.)

I will share the video I watched that gave me my “Ah-hah” moment at the end of this post. However, before I share that, I’d like to see if I can explain it to you…easily. If it doesn’t come across that way, then just go watch the video.

I will also say, these specific instructions are for the Canon 7d although I know other Canon cameras also have this ability and I can only imagine that other camera makers such as Nikon and Sony, have it as well.

  • Step One: Set up your camera as you would for shooting an HDR photo with AEB set the way you like it.
    • A few additional tips I picked up from the video for my personal set up that you will find more info on when you watch the video:
      • Cloudy WB for landscape photos
      • Set Highlight Tone Priority and then use 200 ISO
      • THE BIG ONE TO ME: Instead of using High Speed (or Low Speed) Continuous Shooting, set up the 2 Second Timer.
      • There are probably others that he mentions that I use, so be sure to watch it.
  • Step Two: Go into your camera’s menu and select the Set Up Menu 3 (third little wrench icon).
  • Step Three: Select Camera User Setting
  • Step Four: Select either Mode Dial C1, C2 or C3 (I use C3 since it is the last one on the knob and can easily turn it until it will not go any further if I need a quick shot for HDR.)
  • Step Five: Be sure if you adjust any changes in your set up, that you want to make your default, redo Steps Two, Three and Four.
  • And Voila! Easy turn of the knob and shoot.
I think one of the coolest things about this for me, is using the 2 second timer for the shooting speed. Many times (despite the fact that I know it would be best) I do not use a tripod. With this set up I can press the shutter button and have two seconds to either hold my breath or release my breath and be very still. It then takes my bracketed shots without me having extra camera shake from holding the button down.
For me, it just works! I hope you find benefit as well.
Thank you to Ken Snyder of Unified Photography for sharing this tip! 

One thought on “A Small Tip with a Big Benefit (Camera Set-up Tip)

  1. I guess that Your way to shoot photos is great. I have never been using tripod. When I take photos, I listen to my heart beats and between two heart beats, I push the shutter. To me it works.


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