Dogs on the Prairie

What kind of dogs are on the prairie? Prairie Dogs! And that is just what we found in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge while on our quick trip last Thursday.

Driving down Hwy 49, we came across some little things scurrying on each side of the road. It took a moment to realize we had been invaded by prairie dogs – or rather, we had invaded them. They were everywhere! And I mean everywhere!

And oh, so cute! We pulled over so I could get a few shots. This little fella had real personality!

First, just look at the way he is sitting there.

He hears the clicks of my camera and turns as if to make sure I get his good side.

In a bit his curiosity takes over.

I think he might have been thinking I had a bottle of water for him, in the 105 degree temps. So he decides to come visit me.

Suddenly, he hears a family of five  pull up and stop their car. “Hmm,” he thinks. “There’s more of them so I bet they have food, too.” He stops to check them out. 

After a couple of minutes in the heat, the family turns and leaves without ever noticing my little friend. Seeing they are deserting him, he decides to chase them, hoping to get a few crumbs.

But they don’t see his quest for a nibble and they continue to leave. And so does he.

The End!


2 thoughts on “Dogs on the Prairie

  1. Love these little guys! There once was a colony of them outside of town but do to expansion they had to move them! “Progress” and “Growth” is not always for the best! I miss these little guys! I think now you have to visit them in the Zoo! 😦


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