2011, Week 28 – Christ of the Wichitas

Yesterday, Sweet Hubby and I took a drive. It had not been planned.

We had a wild idea the night before to get up and head out. We weren’t sure which direction at first. Then Sweet Hubby said, “Let’s go to the Wichita Mountains!” And since that is a location he has mentioned several times before and being the good wife that I am, I said, “OK!”

The next morning we got up extra early, for a day that didn’t require him to head to work, and drove three hours northwest to Wichita Falls. Then we headed north across the Red Riverbed. (It is actually the Red River however there was no river! No water! None. Drought conditions dry up rivers. It is pretty sad.)

We continued north through Lawton and then entered the Wichita Mountains. One of our first stops was a very unique place called The Holy City. It is the site of the longest running Passion Play in America. A place I will return to one day to view said Passion Play.

I’ll tell you all about the trip in the coming days, but since today is FotoFriday52, let me just post this photo from The Holy City.

Christ of the Wichitas



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