It REALLY Happened!

My Sweet Hubby and I took a fun and spontaneous drive today up to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. (I’ll post more about that a little later.) On the way home from that trip, we had to drive down Highway 287 and right past the big town of Rhome, Texas.

If you recall from an earlier post, I shared how I had received a call requesting to use one of my photos for a new McDonald’s Restaurant that was being built in Rhome. I didn’t even know that ground had been broken.

Then today, as we are heading home, we see the golden arches in the distance. Could it be? Could it really be the Rhome McDonald’s? As we got closer, I was thinking that maybe they had just put the sign up to prepare everyone that one was coming. After all, there isn’t much in Rhome and everyone would be excited about the promise of greater things to come.

We took a turn off the highway to confirm our suspicions, when we saw this:

Ground had not only been broken, but the thing had been built and was in grand opening phase!

Of course we turned in, walked into the restaurant and there it was! My photo hanging from the ceiling along with two others by other local artists.

Can you imagine how exciting that is to this little hobby photographer who picked up a DSLR for the first time not even two years ago? Well, let me tell you. It’s pretty exciting!

So now, not only do I have photos in the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce brochure, but also one hanging from the ceiling on a large acrylic panel in the middle of a Mickey D’s! Yes, pretty exciting. And I give all Glory to God!

This one is mine.

Thanks for sharing this moment with me. I appreciate you being here!

Hmm, wonder what’s next? 😉


5 thoughts on “It REALLY Happened!

  1. Ok this is very exciting! It is absolutely gorgeous and I know yo must be thrilled that God is using you as an artist to bless so many others.

    The camera I got for my b’day is my first DSLR from Sony but I haven’t tried it. Seems so difficult to use but this weekend I’m gonna break it out after I read all the directions.


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