Leapin’ Lizards

I shared a few days ago how my BFF and I took a quick trip to east Texas last week to spend some time at a wonderful working farm where we could pick our own blueberries. I also told you that I would share more about that at a later time.

Well, this isn’t it. No, I’ll do that…later.

However, this photo is from the same trip. The second day of our trip we drove to Caddo Lake to check out a few cabins for another trip we plan on taking a little later this year. We wanted to see what our options are and get a better feel for just exactly where we want to stay.

As we were checking out one of our options, we took a walk down a pier to check out the boathouse. On our way, we were greeted by a resident of the swamp.

I was born in Mississippi and lived there the first 6 years of my life. We had these little fellas all over the place and I remember telling them to “show my your penny.”

As we were greeted by this guy, I looked at him and said, “Show me your penny.” And he did!


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