A Berry Blue Breakfast

To celebrate this day of Freedom, I had a blue breakfast (without the red and white). 

I’m especially sensing the “freedom” of the time this year after Crossing Over to Liberty Into the Divine Plan just not quite two months ago. Freedom is something many of us take for granted. But freedom is a blessing. Thank the Lord for it!

Back to breakfast…

After our recent visit to Greer Farm and their luscious blueberry orchard, I just can’t seem to get enough of their little beads of lusciousness. So this morning’s breakfast consisted of a bowl of ice-cold blueberries drenched in ice-cold milk and lightly toasted whole wheat bread smeared with a dab of whipped butter and a load of Greer Farm’s Blueberry Peach Jam!

Let’s all say it together…”Yummmmmmm!”

Berry Blue Breakfast (shot with iphone and Instagram)


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