A Quick Trip!

Thursday, I took a trip. It was a quick trip. It was a fun trip. And it was a trip with a fun person…my BFF and PhotoFrenzyFriend, Lisa.

She had heard of this farm in east Texas a long time ago and has wanted to visit ever since. We wanted to take a trip. She wanted to check this place out. Put the two together and away we go!

It is a working farm that houses four small cabins that are available for guests to stay a night or a week or however long. The cabins are near the “lake” (glorified pond) and just next to the open field of goats and sheep. Across the road is the owners’ farm house, which is absolutely beautiful!

The owners, Sid and Eva Greer, are a retired couple (although I don’t know that I can say they are truly retired by what I saw…they work hard) who own the place and have turned it into a paradise for city folk like us. (OK, suburbia folk.)

They have cattle and chickens and geese and guinea and goats and sheep and horses and kittens and dogs and zebras and blueberries!

OH THE BLUEBERRIES! They have a blueberry orchard with rows and rows and rows of big, plump, delicious, sweet blueberries. You grab a bucket and start picking. Pick your own fresh blueberries and then pay for what you don’t eat. We ate much more than we paid for, I’m sure. Well, maybe not really but…

They have to be the best blueberries I’ve ever eaten. Just so sweet and no need for sugar. Only bad thing is…I’m ruined. I’ll not be satisfied with store-bought blueberries again. No matter how fresh they claim to be.

If you are ever in the Daingerfield, Texas area, I suggest you make a reservation to stay at Greer Farm. You will be very glad you did!

(I’ll share more about this trip later.)


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