What Goes Around

…comes around!

My Sweet Hubby blessed me with a pleasant surprise a week or so ago. He bought me a new camera that I’ve been believing for…for nearly a year!

And in return, he was blessed. With my camera. My first DSLR. The one my wonderful parents bought me that got me hooked on this wild ride and love of photography, as a hobby, almost two years ago. A hobby I enjoy. A hobby that I hope blesses people.

Anyway, that camera has special meaning to me. Just like my Sweet Hubby!


5 thoughts on “What Goes Around

    1. Julie – I have a Canon because that is what I cut my teeth on, so I think it’s the best but they are all good! Someone just asked me about a good camera to get to start with and I suggested a Canon Rebel T1i, T21 or now they have the T31. She got the T21 and is very happy with it. My “old” camera is a T1i and I think it’s wonderful. Those would all be great to start with – they are somewhat small and lightweight for a dslr. And price is much less than others.


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