Something's Blooming

On Saturday, Sweet Hubby did the yard. He mowed. He edged. He weed-eated.

And yesterday  morning, I awoke to look out the back window and see this:

Then today, it looked like this:


Yes, something’s blooming. There’s no shade. There’s no drainage issue. And according to my research, there’s no reason to try to get rid of them. They are actually good for the lawn. So, I guess they will continue to bloom.


3 thoughts on “Something's Blooming

  1. I once pulled 30 lbs of slimy, ugly mushrooms from my front yard in the Fall. Turns out that there was a tree stump buried under the driveway. The problem went away after the stump was removed.

    I’d take yours over that any day.

    Cool pics!


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