We’ve added a few more items since the last “walk through” of our new home. 

I have more pics to take of our living room since Sweet Hubby just put another piece of furniture in last night, so that one will have to wait until later. And the piece I’m referring to will hold another piece that could be a little while in completing the room…a TV. And not just any TV. No, my Sweet Hubby, being in the line of work he is, has to go BIG. And seeing that BIG televisions come with BIG price tags…it will have to wait just a bit.

In that post, I had mentioned there were a couple of empty spots. One being the breakfast nook (AKA Coffee Bistro): (This photo doesn’t really give you the feel of the entire area. I just may have to take another one later and post it. I know you really care, don’t you. Haha!  PLUS the trays sitting on the table do not belong there. They belong on the living room ottoman/table, but Sweet Hubby had it cleared off while he worked on the new console.)

Breakfast nook

And a wall that needed the perfect entry table. Well, instead we found the perfect console. And it has become the perfect shrine to Son (if I was into shrines, which I am not!):

Entry Console

And we found the right iron piece we’d been looking for to go on the stairwell wall:


And the master…well, it still needs some work. Hoping to raise my headboard up and mount it on the wall. It’s OLD and small. Still not sure about the drape thingy. Any suggestions?


For now, the incomplete living room. 

Living Room - complete half of incomplete room.

Still to come…the complete living room. It will come. Later.


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