Learning, Learning, Learning

And practicing, practicing, practicing!

You would think that after a year and a half of owning and operating a DSLR, I would know what to do when picking up a new camera. And for the most part, I do. But what I’ve discovered is that there is much to learn with using a different camera.

For example: focus points. This new camera has so many options for auto focus and with 19 focus points and 100 different ways (OK, so that is an exaggeration) to use them, there are many shots that turn out…well…just not so good. Not the fault of the camera but the camera’s operator.

After spending a couple of days reading and watching videos on how to get the most out of this awesome piece of machinery, it is finally time to do some practical application. It’s time to pick up the thing and start shooting.

I made a comment a few days ago that I was certain you would get your fair share of viewing the good, the bad and the ugly from my learning experiences. So why not start now!

The Good (Well, sorta. A little noisy but it works.)

The Bad (Not the subject, but the photo. Working on the auto focus points in low light, no flash.)

The Ugly (Again, not the subject - she is adorable, isn't she?!)

Yep, once again Lucy is the subject of my learning curve. She’s used to it. But she still doesn’t like it. She gets bored and will usually turn her head when she sees the camera in her face.

This time she got bored. She just fell asleep.

Or did she? I think she’s playing possum in hopes that I’ll stop and go away. What do you think?

(FLASH BACK: The very first shot I posted online, from my very first DSLR a year and a half ago was on Flickr. As I was going back through my photos this morning I discovered this: [Complete with caption.] Some things never change!)

(Photo was shot and posted on Flickr 9/12/09) Boredom! First post with my new (first) D-SLR. Yes, on Auto Mode but ya gotta start somewhere, right? This is Lucy, one of my four-legged children and my favorite subject to practice on. But as you can tell, she is getting a little bored with the camera in her face all the time.


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