Mineral Wells, Texas – What an Honor!

A few weeks ago I shared with you something that I thought was kind of exciting that had happened, but I said that I couldn’t share just yet – only because I hadn’t hooked up to my scanner. Do you remember?

I already shared with you how I was blessed and honored to have a commercial decorating company contact me after finding one of my photos on my Flickr account and how they are going to use it in a new McDonalds restaurant that will be going up in Rhome (Texas).

Well long before that, I was contacted by the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce. They also found some photos on my Flickr account and wanted permission to use a few on the new brochure they were going to be publishing soon. Well, of course I told them they could use them! I was flattered and honored.

But what made this even more special? They had also contacted my dad – not knowing that we were related – and asked to use a few of his as well.

So, I’m honored to not only have my photos published in their brochure which promotes such legends as the old Baker Hotel (and the Baker Hotel Project), but also the honor of being on the brochure with my dad, who I think is the best photographer EVER!

Here is the front of the brochure as it is presented folded: (My photo is the one of the red sign and dad’s is the one of the gazebo and crane statue.)

This is the inside of the brochure, fully open: (Mine is the photo of the Famous sign, bottom left; old green clock, bottom right; Dad’s is the bridge, top right and old cars lining the street, middle right.)

Last is the outside of the brochure, fully opened: (My photo is the one of the Baker Hotel, center bottom; Dad’s is the swan above it.)

If you visit their website, you will also see a few of these photos.

Again, what an honor! I am blessed and so thankful that my fun little hobby is viewed valuable by others! If you are ever in the DFW area of Texas, it is well worth the drive west to visit Mineral Wells. A small town full of history and mystique!


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