Grass Tails

As I mentioned yesterday, I just recently took a moment to look around our backyard for subjects to photograph. The first shot I took was of the sunflowers growing just beyond our fence.

The second one was of the beautiful grass that someone planted in our back flowerbed. Seeing I have a purple-thumb as opposed to a green one, I have absolutely no idea what kind of grass this is. I’ve been calling it cat-tails although I’m pretty certain that is not correct. (If you know the proper species, please share!)

So here is the second shot I took from our back yard…

The grass with tails!


3 thoughts on “Grass Tails

  1. It looks like a type of Pennisetum, or Fountain Grass. (I work at a nursery.) My guess is either ‘Purpureum’ or ‘Fireworks’.


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