More Sides of Sam

Let’s continue on from yesterday’s post to share with you more of the many sides of my youngest nephew. 

To be 4 years old again…

This is the “cheeeeese” in “I like cheeeeeseburgers!”

“Gimme a little kiss, will ya, huh?”

The one that almost got away!

I don’t think this one needs an explanation. It screams, “I’m bored!”

This is his, “you called my name and I didn’t know it was for another picture” look.

I heard multiple times during the day, “Aunt DeeDee, that’s enough pictures!” He didn’t have to say it here. The look says it all!

And this one. It’s just too pathetic. But did I stop?

No! And I’m glad I didn’t or I would have missed this…

OK, that’s enough for now – (wink!)


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