Yesterday I picked up my camera for the first time (other than taking the photos of our new home the other day to share in The Tour) in over a month. Maybe two. Sad, huh? It is for someone who rarely went a few days without taking pictures.

But yesterday I did. We took a family trip to Clark Gardens. Family consisted of myself, my Sweet Hubby, my brother, sister-in-law, three nephews, niece and my mom and dad. We had planned this for several months to celebrate our parents’ 50th Anniversary. Their anniversary was back in February (if you didn’t see it then, check it out now.)

One of their favorite places on earth is Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells, Texas. (Oh and speaking of Mineral Wells, I have something fun and exciting to share soon. Just as soon as I can get to my scanner. I will explain more later.) My parents are very involved there and visit the gardens weekly. However, this time was different. It was different because they had all of us with them. (Well, all of us minus Son who is in Austin, preparing for a trip to Connecticut where he will be teaching at Yale University for six weeks.)

I took MANY pictures. Haven’t had time to download them yet but plan to this week. And due to that I say…


Check back soon.


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