My Photo? Really?

Well, hello World Wide Web! Yes, I’m back. Oh, you didn’t know I was gone? Well, that’s because of the awesomeness of technology and the fact that WordPress allows me to schedule posts to publish even while I’m away. We just got connected to the internet yesterday after being without it for a week. But it’s ok, I’ve been pretty busy and didn’t really miss it.

We are all moved and getting settled. We are SO HAPPY in our new home! It is just absolutely perfect for us. God knew what He was doing, for sure.

A very cool blessing that happened the first day we were in our new place…I got an email on my phone from someone at a company in Oregon that does commercial furniture for large companies. Large, like McDonalds large.

And why would I hear from them? I was as shocked as you! They are providing the furniture for a new Mickey D’s that will be built in a very small town nearby. The town of Rhome. Nope, not Rome, but Rhome. As in Texas.

They had come a cross a photo of an old flour mill in Rhome that I shot back when I first got my DSLR and was out “practicing” one day. I had taken a number of photos of odds and ends to get practice in using my new toy, and it just so happened that one of them was the old Rhome flour mill. This person had found it on my Flickr site and asked for my permission to use it in the new McDonald’s.

Well, ummm, YES!! I at first thought it was going to be a small print they would hang on the wall with other local photos and that alone was pretty awesome. But then she sent me an example of what it will be used for. They are printing it on a huge acrylic screen that will serve as a divider – like a wall – separating booths. It is somewhat transparent but gigantic. And my “art” will be there…in a McDonalds restaurant for all of Rhome, Texas (and hungry travelers passing through) to see! I say “art” because this is no fancy shot. Just a shot.

Here is what you will see when traveling to Rhome:

Oh, and I received my check from them. Woohoo! Exciting times!


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