The Black Pickup – The Journey, Part 5


We continued to look for a rental although we did not have an offer on the house. We didn’t even have a huge number of showings. But what did we have? Faith and trust! We knew we had been obedient in what we were to do and we had prayed. Not only had we prayed, but we believed that those things we had made requests for (with thanksgiving) would come to pass. There was no doubt it would happen. But when?

About two weeks after I had completely released the house to the rightful owners and had truly come to the realization (and acceptance) that we would be leaving the house for someone else, something happened.

We came home from church one Sunday after stopping to pick up lunch. As we were driving down our street, we noticed a black pickup truck sitting in front of the house. Now, this was not out of the ordinary…we saw people looking at the house all the time. They would all usually do the same thing…drive by slow, stop, back up, drive a little further, stop, get out and pick up a flyer.

This was different. The truck was actually blocking our entrance into the driveway and we stopped behind to give them time to scoot forward. But they didn’t! No, they were totally oblivious to the fact that we were even there. So I asked Sweet Hubby to go on and drive up the street so that we didn’t rush them. We drove up to the end of the street, turned around and came back. When we did, we noticed they had backed up slightly – just enough that it didn’t block the drive. But they still did  not notice us. We cautiously pulled into the drive way, right in front of them and when we did, the female passenger looked up. I waved and smiled and she smiled. I saw something in her eyes. And I knew! We knew! They were the ones! There was no doubt about it. They looked exactly like we did eight years earlier as we would drive to look at the vacant lot or look at the framing going up on the house. We would be oblivious to anything around us. We were there for a purpose and it was to scope out OUR HOME! And this couple had the same look in their eyes! Sweet Hubby and I looked at each other and at the same time said, “There are the buyers!”

We pulled into the garage. I walked outside and across the street to visit with my neighbor who I had not seen in a while. She was about to leave so I ran over to say “hello” before she took off. Sweet Hubby walked out to the mailbox to get the mail that had come the day before. Even though we both were walking out and towards where they were, they didn’t budge. Usually if I was to ever walk outside when someone was looking at the house, I guess they’d get nervous or something and drive off. I didn’t do it on purpose but sometimes timing would just be that I would go out when someone was in front of the house.

Not these people. No! They had a mission. They were looking at every angle. And we liked it. We went inside to eat our lunch. They stayed just inching forward ever so slightly. We finished our lunch and they were still there. Then they left. Or did they? Nope, they had gone up the street and turned around and now were in front again from the other direction.

I anticipated a call for a showing the following week. But…

to be continued…


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