Count Down Begins

Yesterday I received an unsolicited email. An email that I was excited to get!

It was from our escrow agent at the title company who will be handling our closing on the homes. She emailed to let me know that she had received both files (ours and our buyer’s/seller’s – yeah, I know…sounds funny. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then be sure and read this.)

She had received both of our files from the lender and they were preparing the documents for closing! WOOHOO!!!

Wait! You aren’t as excited as I am! Could that be because only I am the one who heard almost everyone (including the escrow agent) tell me that “very rarely does an original closing date hold?” She is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. Actually she is a perfect match for me! She is a lot like me, we discovered that in our first conversation when I explained to her that I’m precise, detailed and don’t like putting things off. That I ask a lot of questions and I want to know “why” not just “what”. She said she completely understands because she is the exact same way. It amazes me the way the Lord lines up every single thing IF we let Him. He even paired me up with G (escrow agent) because He knows how I am and knows that I don’t work well with negative sluggards – LOL. Well, G is not either of those! But because it is her job and her experience, she had told me previously that rarely does an original closing date hold. (She hadn’t met me! :).)

Anyway, seeing that she received the files three full business days prior to our closing date (and yes, it IS holding) she was excited to let me know. And I was VERY excited to hear.

So…it’s happening! Yea! And in perfect timing. And as promised, I will write about the entire journey and all that has been involved later. There is quite a lot I haven’t shared over the last few months regarding this journey.

As a matter of fact, we are going to be without internet connection for about five days (OH! How am I going to do it!!!) so I may write them up prior and schedule them to post on the days I don’t have internet. You can read all about it then. If you want. If you care. And if not, don’t. After all, if you’ve followed for any time at all, you know that my blog is a huge variety of things. And yet, you still follow. And I’m glad! Thank you for that!

Until later…

Have fun, stay young and

Let Your Light Shine,

4 thoughts on “Count Down Begins

  1. Debbi! Yay! Your escrow agent sounds great and I’ll give props to the lender. You know–it’s the lender that usually holds up closing! Sounds like you guys have a great one…send over their name, will ya? 🙂 If you need anything at all, email me. I’m so happy for you!

    Happy Packing,



    1. Our lender is AWESOME! Both Brad the loan officer and Rachel the loan processor of Lending Edge Mortgage have gone above and beyond to make this smooth, timely and even enjoyable. I worked as a loan processor yeeeeaarrrrs ago and I know it isn’t an easy job. But these guys made everything so easy, they deserve the recognition!!

      Thank you again for all you have done to help and assist. I appreciate your time and willingness to answer my questions earlier on!


  2. though I rarely comment I have been following. Congrats! I’m very excited for you and will have to come and see your new place when you get settled in. Love you! Hugs


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