After the Storms

Last week I asked for your prayers for rain due to all of the fires that were raging in Texas. Some still are.

I guess I wasn’t specific enough and didn’t ask you to pray for rain WITHOUT storms. The DFW area has had our fair share and now I’m asking for prayer for all those who have had damage – not just in Texas but across the US.

The other evening I walked out to see the storms building in the distance. I was grateful they were in the distance as just a couple of nights before, we had 70 mph winds at our home. (I DID NOT like it!)

Here is a shot of the distant storms. It is a little grainy but it was dusk.

 Today was a different story. The view was spectacular! The sky was simply gorgeous! I’m going to miss this view. I’m going to miss this house – this home. But I know that God has a plan. If nothing else, we built this home for the new owners. I know they are going to appreciate it. I KNOW that. The view. The sky. The neighbors. The house. The home.

After a rough week, this photo is the view after the storms.


One thought on “After the Storms

  1. I’ve been thinking about you often as I hear or read about all these storms across the country. Heck, we even had a tornado (maybe two) in Upstate NY. (Not near my town, though.) I’m praying that God will provide a safe end to the dry and windy conditions in Texas.


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