An Old Water Tower

Today is windy. VERY windy. And just a little cool. But BEAUTIFUL!

After doing the necessary things for the day, I sat in my home office listening to the wind blow. The sky is very blue and the beauty of the day was calling me out. Out for a drive. Where? I didn’t know. Just out of the confines of these four walls and out of the house. Away from packing. Away from waiting. Away.

So I grabbed my camera and got in the car and drove. I didn’t go far. I only drove about two miles, maybe three, from my house and decided it was time. It was time to finally take a few shots of an old barn, water tower and pond. I drive by this spot all the time and had never slowed down long enough to take a photo of it, but instead always say, “Some day.” Today was that someday. And if for no other reason it gives me something to post the next few days.

Here is the first one: The old water tower. I processed it in LR3, then edit using PSE, added an action or two from The CoffeeShop Blog, a texture from ShadowHouse Creations and then back into LR3 for cataloging and exporting.



8 thoughts on “An Old Water Tower

  1. Hi Debbi,

    Really cute picture, would you ever think of posting brief tutorials. Just intro stuff. If I get a vote, I’d vote that way.

    Have a great evening,


    1. Thanks Julie. I’ve always had a camera in my hand but not until about a year and a half ago would I say I was into photography. Was blessed with my first DSLR and haven’t put it down since. I enjoy learning and so I’m constantly “playing” with something else…angles, subjects and processing. WARNING: Once you start, you won’t want to stop. 🙂 SO. MUCH. FUN.

      BTW – Most everything I’ve learned has come from reading online posts, tutorials, tips and lots and lots of practice.


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