2011, Week 13 – We Have a Contract!

Well! It has happened! We have a contract on the house!

Yes, it is really happening and I know that because I just received my first phone call (of  many, I’m sure) from the Title Company who is handling our file. We have a contingency of the buyer’s home selling first, but we feel confident enough in that happening in a timely matter that we were willing to take the offer. Plus we still have the option to accept another offer, allowing the original buyer 72 hours to waive the contingency. So, things are good!

Last night as I glanced out the back windows, I saw a familiar sight. Mr. Vann’s “House on the Hill” in the shadow of another gorgeous sunset. So of course I grabbed my camera and ran outside to snap a few shots before the image was settled for another day.

This week’s FotoFriday52 is one of the captures of the last sunset of the first quarter of 2011. And a beauty it was!


4 thoughts on “2011, Week 13 – We Have a Contract!

  1. You are going to miss those sunsets without ‘wires and lines’ running through them! Did you put a clause in the contract that your dad and I have visitation to the view from the backyard to take photos of Mr. Vann’s? 🙂


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