Extreme Compliment

I had the pleasure of being the recipient of an extreme compliment this evening and just wanted to share it with you.

I was eating dinner when my cell phone rang. It was a spry “young” man on the other end with a weathered, older voice. He asked if I happened to be Debbi. I answered and told him I was and he began to tell me who he was.

“Debbi, this is JD Vann. I have a photo that you took of a ranch house on a hill and that house is mine.” As soon as he gave me his name, I knew exactly who he was. You see, I’ve had the pleasure of viewing his “house on the hill” for eight blessed years. His home is probably the most photographed vision that I have in my collection of photos. I’ve always referred to it as the Vann Ranch, as I know that the infamous Mr Vann owns this property.

He went on to explain that he had come across a flyer of mine (for the sale of our house) and noticed the photo on the back. He then showed it to his girlfriend and as he put it, “She just had a fit when she saw it! She loves beauty and just can’t get over the beauty in the clouds.”

He had called our Realtor to find out who the photographer was that took that photo. And that is how he called my number.

I admit. I was somewhat relieved to hear the excitement come from this man who is probably close to, if not already, 90 years old. Mr. Vann owns the Vann-Roach Cattle Company. I’ve never met this gentleman but have heard of him for nearly 20 years. We actually CHOSE (paid extra for) this lot that we built our home on to have the view and rearranged the windows in the blueprints so that every morning our view upon waking, is the view of that precious place!

I was relieved because at first I thought he was going to tell me I had infringed on his rights – if that is possible – and perhaps he wasn’t entirely pleased that I had been taking photos of his home. Just the opposite was so. He was so excited, almost like a kid in a candy shop, at the realization that someone has found beauty in his property and had taken time to photograph it.

I went on to explain that I have MANY photos of his home. All seasons, all skies, all sunsets, all weather. He asked if I could possibly send him a negative of the photos. I explained that I had them as digital files but I’d be happy to send him a number of them for his pleasure. Again, I could tell I brightened up this man’s day just a little and for that, I’m thankful and blessed myself!

So, as I’m going through my hundreds of photos to pick a handful of the best, I figured I might as well share them with you. (Although you have probably seen all of them before!) These are the ones I am printing off for him as well as including on the disc of many others that will go in the mail tomorrow. The first one is the one that his girlfriend had requested.

I’m truly blessed to be a blessing!


8 thoughts on “Extreme Compliment

  1. First Off I want to say these photographs are all fantastic.

    These photo all seem to sureal for my tastes except for the third to the last one, is there a reason for this? Is it HDR photography which in such a case the photos look wonderful.

    my portfolio is available at manntobias.wordpress.com


    1. Some are processed as true HDR and the others in a faux HDR using Topaz Adjust. Not all of my photos are processed this way, just so happens these are. I view them more as art, like a painting. Just another fun side of photography for me! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Oh Debbi
    This is so cool. What a nice surprise phone call. Your shots are awesome and I am so glad he loved them and that you saw the beauty that it is


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