Weeble Adventures

If you remember my post from a few days ago, I shared how I had come across something at the store one morning and just had to get it. It was a gift for someone else, yet it “screamed ME!”. Well now I can explain!

You see I have this friend. Well, not really a friend. Well, yes a friend. A friend I’ve never met. A blogging friend. He is actually the brother-in-law of a very special friend of mine. Last summer he took a trip with his lovely wife and two beautiful children to Texas to visit his in-laws. While on this trip he posted daily on Facebook about the trip. One post in particular – where I picked up on the adventure – was regarding a text between his wife and who she thought was her sister.

(OK now, pay close attention because this could get a little confusing.) The person on the other end of the text, the actual person, was replying to each text as if they knew exactly what they were doing and who they were talking to. Carrying on a full-blown conversation when, all the while, totally clueless to who was sending this conversation. It was regarding a very serious matter that involved a health issue with my friend and her sister’s dad, so you can imagine the responses that were coming through from a total stranger and how they didn’t make any sense. But the person was obviously enjoying this fake conversation. It wasn’t until the end of quite a long thread that the wife realized this was NOT her sister responding. And who it ended up actually being was a well-known weather forecast personality in the DC area where they live.

When my friend (the sister) found out about it, she literally almost “wet herself” (her words) in hysterics. I have seen this side of her before. Years before when we were together in Hawaii at a Luau. A fire dancer dropped his baton and it rolled down my legs. Instead of her caring and concern for her friend about to combust in flames, she combust in laughter that lasted for at least the rest of our trip. About four days. And that is NO exaggeration at all! She is probably back to almost “wetting herself” right now with the thought of that experience, as she reads this.

Anyway, in the midst of her hysterics over this text, she emailed me and said, “You HAVE to become friends with my brother-in-law on fb and read this note he posted.” Being the wonderful friend I am, I did as she asked. And that is how this blogging friend and I became…well…friends. As I read about this exchange of text messages, I found it hysterical as well. Not sure if it was because of how randomly funny it was or at the thought of my friend’s reaction. (I have vivid memories of the drive from the Luau to the hotel and having to make a stop because of her hysterical laughter, so that she would NOT wet herself!)

Long story short (yeah, right!), I found myself reading his daily posts on fb. At the end of the trip, I innocently made the comment that he should continue his daily adventures via a WordPress blog. After a little countering back and forth, he heeded my suggestion. He is now a blogging friend who is also doing the Post A Day Challenge that WordPress issued at the beginning of the year.

About a month ago, he added a few characters to his post. They were Weebles. And Weebles with attitude. I believe they were planning an attack on the Little People. I innocently (yes, again. I am SO innocent!) told him how I enjoyed the tale of the Weebles and how I thought it would be fun to see them show up on occasion as regulars in his posts. Since that time, they have made appearances frequently.

So now…on to the item that could not be resisted. I was walking through the store when I spotted…Weebles!

Let me just insert right here…I truly think that Weebles have also been affected by our society. They are a part of the increasing numbers in obesity and a product of the over abundance of fastfood! WHEN DID THEY GET SO BIG?!

I remember them well from my childhood. The song “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” has stuck with me for close to (insert 24) years now. They are huge! I remember them being maybe a couple of inches tall, but the ones they have now are gigantic! No wonder they are still wobblin’.

On to the story: (Hmm, this getting rather long. I think so that I don’t bore you completely – more than I already have, I will post a Part Two later. Like in about 10 minutes later.)

So stay tuned…


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