Weeble Adventures – Part Two

To continue on from the last post (please read it first if you are here for the first time or this will not make any sense to you whatsoever) let me explain exactly how what I had found screamed, ME.

  • First of all, this Weeble is female. And I am female.
  • This Weeble has brownish hair. I have brownish hair. (Although it has brown eyes and mine are hazel, small discrepancy.)
  • This Weeble has a PURPLE car! No, I don’t have a purple car but would in a heartbeat if I could find the right one at the right price!

(side note: for those who don’t know me or haven’t been following very long…I am a purple fanatic! I have purple everything! Every room in my current home, except for two, has some sort or shade of purple in it. I had a purple room growing up. Everything purple jumps out at me. It is just who I am!)

Now, recalling my original post about this shopping trip, I mentioned that it “screamed ‘me’ from the color to the color.” That is in reference to my hair color and the fact she is driving a purple car.

Then I said, there was “one little thing that doesn’t say “me” but with a little imagination, it can be fixed.” That was in reference to the little cat she is holding. I do not own a cat, a real one anyway. But I do have my little Yorkie, Lucy. And when she is trimmed, she can look somewhat like a cat. In a way. Not really, but use your imagination. As you use your imagination, you can see that she is holding Lucy.

The other thing I had mentioned was that something else wasn’t “quite right, but there is even a connection there.” That was referring to the fact that the little Weeble had a long braid in the back. My hair is not long enough for a braid like that but there is a connection. But I won’t explain as you may not get it. So just trust me.

As you can see, this little HUGE Weeble screamed “Debbi!” So, Weeble Debbi has traveled to Virginia to take up residence with the other Weebles in the Harvey Millican (Warning: watch out for language, references to gin, dirty diapers and lots of Chick-fil-A) household and will hopefully be invited to take a few adventures. Although from what I’ve seen of the Virgina Weebles, they are not always nice. Hopefully Weeble Debbi can introduce them to Jesus and get them all on the right track. It should be quite interesting.

Here is Weeble Debbi before leaving for Virginia.

She read a recent post on Harvey’s blog site about how Clement the Cow was attempting to straighten out a mischievous Weeble, however in the process that bad boy drove Clement to drink. Weeble Debbi saw the urgency to get to Virginia to see what she can do to help the situation.

Here she is on her way out.

So long Weeble Debbi. Remember, to stay strong!

She responded as she was packing up (rather, being packed up), “The Lord is on my side, I will not fear!” Psalm 118:6

Dear Lord, HELP her! She has quite a task ahead. She has to try to tame those pesky Virginia Weebles, save the Little People, assist in potty training, put up with Tipsy Tim, help his Lovely Wife manage the household, and probably help potty train another in the near future. But with You on her side, she will not fear, nor will she stumble. Now, let’s just hope she doesn’t get stepped on, thrown out with the Pull-Ups or lost and forgotten. May she always have fun adventures in her future. Amen!


6 thoughts on “Weeble Adventures – Part Two

  1. Dear 24atheart,
    I was so happy to pick up Webble Debbi yesterday from the front porch. I think she may have been a little cold, but since she is so big I think she was warm enough in her box. While I am not Weeble Debbi’s caretaker, I will be taking care of the household in which she lives. I am also responsible for planning the many adventures she will go on. Looking forward to the biggest adventure of them all when in June we take Weeble Debbi back to Texas to be with her namesake. We will ensure that Weeble Debbi does her best to convert Clement, as he does have a good heart but needs to find Jesus and stay off the sauce.


  2. This may be the best saga online these days. A perfect mix of comedy and drama. I sense a feature film in the making.

    In the meantime, I’ll have to figure out a way to stop laughing. People are gonna think it a bit strange if I don’t stop chuckling to myself.

    Who knew there were missionary Weebles?


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