2011, Week 12 – Vintage Spring

For today’s FotoFriday52, this is a photo that was shot last week at our local Haslet Park. Yes, Haslet may be small but we have our own park. And it is a pretty nice one, too. The day we visited, it was late in the evening and the sky was mostly cloudy. There wasn’t much light and therefore not a lot of contrast. Just a little dreary looking out.

As I was searching for a photo to use, I came across this one. The SOOC (straight out of camera) shot was a little boring and drab (I’ll show you the original at the bottom of the post.) I had just downloaded a number of PSE Actions from Rita at The CoffeeShop Blog and figured I might as well try a few out on this one. This is where I like to play Artist and try a number of looks using the software and actions as my canvas and brush. If something doesn’t quite work, I just undo and move on. The final result is the masterpiece (at least in my eyes.) This is why I enjoy photography so! To make attempts at different approaches to the original and then see the final result develop before my eyes.

To achieve this vintage look I used Lightroom 3 to make a few minute adjustments then moved it thru the edit in PSE option. I then added a number of Rita’s actions, removed a couple and added a couple more, then added a text layer for the scripture and saved back into LR3. And Voila! It ended up going from boring and drab to a Vintage Spring photo.

What do you think?



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