The Old Aurora Cemetery

Family History is a very interesting thing! We may think we know all about our family’s past when in reality, we know nothing. I’ve discovered this over the last several years due to digging into my family’s genealogy. Both my grandmother and my great-grandmother (as well as a few great aunts) on my dad’s side were members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I decided I would carry on the tradition. In doing so I began to search for my roots, so to speak. I officially became a member of DAR last year and in the process have enjoyed all the findings of my ancestors’ lives. I have ministers in my family – on both sides – for generations and generations. No wonder I love the Word of God so!

Every few months I get the desire to dig a little deeper. Recently the desire has returned, so I’ve spent a number of hours uncovering old relatives and their lives. What I find the most interesting of all, is seeing the actual documents that list my ancestors. Such as old handwritten censuses and WWI Draft Registration forms, the latter of which are usually in the handwriting of the relative. I’ve discovered many interesting things through my research.

Just last week, for example, I discovered that my 5th Great-Grandmother is buried just a short distance from where I live. Her name was Elizabeth Hughes and she lived from 1816-1885. Her second husband (not my grandfather) was a Civil War Veteran and is buried in the Aurora Cemetery. I read that he desired to have a “Christian Burial” and requested that he be buried with each of his wives by his side. We must remember that back in the 1800’s, most marriages dissolved due to death, not divorce as is rampant in today’s society.

In reading more about this burial, it was revealed that neither of his wives has a headstone, however my grandmother is buried in the plot north of him and is marked with a rock. OK, well, I have his name, the cemetery, I know he is buried in section 1, row 9, so off the Aurora I go. I want to see this for myself.

If you read my post from Friday, you know I had quite an unexpected adventure getting to Aurora. However, once I arrived I had no trouble finding the headstone. I practically walked right to it! There are many old, old, OLD tombstones in this old country graveyard.

I knew his headstone was a flat one, one that is not raised and there weren’t many there of this nature. So here, under this big tree is where I found the headstone.

Not knowing what kind of rock was marking Elizabeth’s grave, I was surprised to see this. It’s a rock alright, and it is at the head of the plot just north of Reuben’s.

After capturing a few shots for my records, I decided to look around. I had heard of an old legend that happened in this area. It’s one that involves an “airship” crash and a burial of the pilot. But this was to have happened in the late 1800’s, years before the Wright Brother’s took their first flight. All you have to do is google Aurora Alien Crash and you will be bombarded with sites dedicated to this event along with photos of newspaper clippings from the day. Although I’ve never seen it, I’ve heard there is even a movie made about it.

In my research of Elizabeth and Reuben’s gravesites in the old cemetery, I had run across a link regarding this legend. On the page was a photo of an old tree where the alien was supposedly buried. It was the unusual shaped branch of the old tree that caught my attention and wasn’t hard to mistake. And sure enough as I was leaving the area, I spotted the old tree. There is no marker except the branch that points to the location.

What an interesting old place! I found out after I returned about a few other interesting markers in the Aurora Cemetery and will plan another trip back when I can spend some extra time admiring the old stones and take more pictures. And of course, I will share with you my findings.

Until next time…

Have fun, stay young and

Let Your Light Shine,

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