2011, Week 9 – A Bank Robbery

For this week’s FotoFriday52, I wanted to share a recent discovery.

My absolute favorite PhotoFrenzies are done in locations that have some history. Even if that history is not 100% accurate, as is the case of this week’s trip. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post that featured the photo, The Dividing Line of Old and New, the PhotoFrenzy that Lisa and I took on Wednesday had no definite destination. All we knew is that we would drive around Ray Roberts Lake.

In my quick research of the area, I discovered two interesting fragments of info:

1) Tioga, Texas was the birthplace of Gene Autry and 2) the old bank in Pilot Point was robbed by Bonnie and Clyde.

As we drove around the lake looking for interesting off-shoots of roadways to explore, somehow we completely missed going through Tioga. I think it is one of those REALLY small towns that if you blink you miss it.

Before we knew it, we were in Pilot Point.

We found the old bank (which by the way is a very unique and beautiful old structure) and exited the car to get a few shots of the interesting building. When we did, we were approached by a local of the town who mentioned, “You know, ol’ Bonnie and Clyde robbed that there bank.” (OK, he may not have said “that there” but he did have quite a twang to his voice!) I mentioned that I had heard that and asked if it was true.

He then proceeded to chuckle and clarify the truth. The bank had not been robbed by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, but rather by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in the making of the 1967 film of the name, Bonnie and Clyde. He even mentioned a couple of old ladies that were extras in the film, for that scene, that still live in town.

This bank was one of many old structures and locations located in Texas that was used in the movie’s filming some 40 plus years ago. And although it wasn’t actually robbed, I still found it quite interesting!

(Processing of this photo: Lightroom 3, PSE, Topaz Adjust, back to PSE to add texture and then returned to LR3 for final tweaks.)


4 thoughts on “2011, Week 9 – A Bank Robbery

  1. The architecture of the bank is really cool. At first glance I wouldn’t guess that it’s a bank… well if I didn’t bother to read the word “bank” on the front. They sure don’t build ’em like that these days.


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