The Dividing Line of Old and New

Yesterday was simply gorgeous. Perfect weather and temperatures of mid 70’s. And it is only the first of March!

Having a desire to get out and go, my PhotoFrenzy Friend Lisa, and I decided to take a drive. We haven’t been on a PhotoFrenzy in a while and wanted to go somewhere to get a few shots. Well, a few is what we got. And ONLY a few.

We didn’t have a destination in mind – and therefore we just drove. The problem with no true destination is you don’t arrive anywhere. Therefore, we didn’t have much to shoot. As a matter of fact, we only stopped twice and of those two locations, this is the first place we found something interesting to photograph.

This is an old, rundown house with its tree line out front along the grassy drive. On the other side of the tree line is freshly tilled ground that appears it’s being prepared for new development – perhaps a new housing neighborhood. Thus the name of this post and this photo: The Dividing Line of Old and New.

This was processed in PSE and Topaz, then I added a couple of textures to give it an old, aging photograph feel. I hope you enjoy!


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