Spring is in the Air!

Take a deeeeeeeep breath!

Can you smell it?

It’s the fragrance of Spring!

Yesterday…about half way through the day, it hit me…it’s March! March is the first month of the Spring season and boy, am I ready!

Colors are so much more vibrant and the air is fresher in the spring time. With leaves budding and flowers blooming, the colors are everywhere.

In preparation of the next few months and to whet your appetite, I thought I’d post a photo that I created using Photo Shop Elements. It is the result of playing around on the computer after seeing one my blogging friend’s post that had a link to another friend’s tutorial. (If you enjoy photography and the creative aspect and are not familiar with The CoffeeShop Blog, you should be. It is hosted by Rita who is a very generous sharer of her creative ideas and works.)

After my friend, The Suburban Misfit, posted about creating storyboards with the link to the tutorial – well, let’s just say I didn’t get much done away from my computer afterwards. I had fun playing and experimenting.

And this is the result. It’s a compilation of several pictures that were taken in the Spring of 2010.

I hope you enjoy!


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