PW's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" Book Signing – The Conclusion!

Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say. Trust me, you will want to. If this is your first post to read on this topic, go here before reading on.

After we finally allowed Ree to enjoy the rest of her guests who had stood in line behind us, we found another line.

WHAT? Another line? What for? I thought we were finished?

And then we saw…a line had formed to have Marlboro Man sign the books as well. I seriously doubt this was in the original plan because, well, he just stood between tables of book. No fancy podium. No banner behind him. Nope, just books to use as a table, and his two legs.

Did we get in the line? You betcha!
















As we headed out the door, we saw something beyond precious! It was PW’s Punks. And they too were signing books. We could tell they were tired and so we didn’t ask them to sign all of our books, but they were perfectly content signing what we put in front of them. And even posed for a few pics.

Even PW’s “Baby” signed his big-‘ole-name to each book.

Right before we walked out, we got the group together for a photo with Karlie. Aren’t they all precious!

Now, for those of you who are already familiar with The Pioneer Woman’s blog, you will get this, for sure…

The End!

(Although this is the conclusion of the Book Signing PhotoFrenzy Adventure, tune in tomorrow for a giveaway. My first ever giveaway. And if you think real hard you just might be able to figure out what the winner will receive. All details will be in tomorrow’s post.)


4 thoughts on “PW's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" Book Signing – The Conclusion!

    1. LOL, Melinda!! I just could not resist! (And felt quite funny taking that shot knowing full well what I would do with it.) Hey, at least I didn’t crop it like PW does. 🙂 !!! (But I DID think about it. Ok, truth, I did crop it like that but couldn’t bring myself to leave it that way. Some things are sacred and should be done by PW only.)


  1. Oh this is my favorite post yet about the signing! I don’t know what to say, MM’s backside is delicious. PW’s oldest daughter looks so sophisticated, her baby is beyond sweet, and I am totally jealous that it was a whole family affair. So glad you shared this!

    …I have my own copy of her book, but if you are giving away a copy signed my MM and the punks I may just have to enter 😛

    Cabin Fever in Vermont


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