PW's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" Book Signing

Just a few short months ago, my PhotoFrenzy Friend Lisa informed me that I just HAD to read an online love story (true one at that) by someone called the Pioneer Woman. Now I must confess, I’m not much of a reader of novels, but her enticement was: “It’s real, it’s funny, it’s better than any Harlequin Romance but cleaner, YOU MUST!” So I followed direction and started. And I continued. And continued. And continued. I was hooked! I could not seem to stop.

The author, Ree Drummond better known as The Pioneer Woman, had captured my attention. She is an excellent writer and captivated me with her story. Each post ended with a lead to the next one that made you not want to rest until you found out what happened. I read the entire thing in just a few short days. And then at the end (which was really just the beginning) I find out that she had been asked to publish this story in a book with extended chapters and it was coming out soon along with a book signing tour. Well, sign me up!

As most everyone who stumbles – or is directed – to this wonderful blog has discovered, you quickly come to know P-Dub (short for the way P W sounds) as if she is a close girlfriend. She appears to be so down to earth and real and has a contagious sense of humor about her that you just want to check in everyday to see what she, Marlboro Man, The Punks and Charlie are up to.

Lisa informed me that her book signing tour included the DFW area and asked if I would like to go. Well, do apples grow on trees? Yes, of course! So, on my calendar this date went which happened to be Valentine’s Day. No problem! My Sweet Hubby will understand. (And he did.)

As time drew closer to the date and the anticipation built, we began to discover there was a procedure. First being that we needed a special wristband to get in and the color we received would determine where we stood in line. Both Lisa and I like to be first, so we headed to the bookstore that morning at an early 6:45am. Why so early when the store didn’t open until 10 and the drive was only an hour? Because we wanted to be one of the first! And we were. (Besides, we had heard the store was willing to stay open until 1am to accommodate all of P-Dub’s fan. She is known to visit and take pictures with each person as if they were the only ones there. And well, we didn’t want to be out that late!)

When we arrived with our folding chairs in the trunk we found there were a couple of benches at the front of the store. Lo and behold, there was no one on them and there was no line. So we  wiped down the wet benches (thanks to a towel my husband had thrown in the trunk many months prior) and sat our behinds down.

Not long after we were seated, we found out there were two other PWers that had been waiting in their cars. And shortly later another one appeared, then another and another and….

Lisa and our three new friends: Becky, Kelly and Donna


Pretty soon the benches were full so we decided to go ahead and start the line and made our way to the doors. And wouldn’t you know, everyone else followed.

All lined up! Wait! Where's Kelly? Oh probably on her phone checking on the kiddos.


Over the next hour or so, the line grew

…and grew

…and grew.

Until finally the bookstore manager decided to open up early and we were able to get in and make our purchases and get our bands. And so we did.

It was confirmed to us why we like to be one of the first. We were out of the store by the time the doors were supposed to open (10am) and headed back home. We would then wait until Lisa’s daughter, Karlie arrived home from school to make our way back to North Dallas to get in yet another line for the actual signing. At least we had our purple wristbands – which indicated we were of the first 100 – and our books.

To be continued…Next, our quick diversion on our way home.


5 thoughts on “PW's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" Book Signing

  1. I love, love, love The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond). I’m totally hooked on her blog and her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story. I just finished the book last weekend and loved it! How cool that you got to meet her at a book signing. Can’t want to hear more about it.


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