He Loves Me, He REALLY Loves Me!

Monday was Valentine’s Day, and the day that many people celebrate their love for one another more than any other day. I’m not saying that is the way it should be (I’ll post a little more on that tomorrow in this week’s Tell Me What You Think Thursday.) But for most, February 14th is a day that is celebrated and represented as a day of Love. My Sweet Hubby and I have always done little things for one another like a card or a small bouquet of flowers, a stuffed toy or small box of chocolate. Due to the fact that I was headed to a book signing that morning, we agreed that the purchase of the book would be my Valentine’s Gift this year and for that I was satisfied and thrilled.

My Valentine’s Day for 2011 was a very busy one. I saw my Sweet Hubby in the morning as I ran out the door to pick up my PhotoFrenzy Friend, L, and head to Dallas. We had planned for months to attend Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman‘s, book signing. (For those of you familiar with P-Dub, I will be posting on that later with many photos included – just hold on, it is coming!) We had to stand in line to get wristbands in order to return in the evening to get in another line for the actual signing of her new book.

In between, we headed home to rest, refresh (so I thought), pick up my PF Friend’s daughter, before heading back through traffic again to North Dallas. After dropping L off at her house, I was stopped at a light about to turn onto the main street home when I decided to check my email on my phone. I noticed I had email upon email of notifications from WordPress that I needed to approve Comments. “Hmm,” I thought, “I know today’s post was very special and very fitting for the day, but my goodness, I have a lot of comments to approve!”

And then I saw it! In one of the comments I saw that Melissa’s Meanderings said, “Aww–what a true love story! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!”

WHAT????? Freshly Pressed????? Me?????????? And then it made sense! All of those Comment and Like emails flooding my inbox were because my post had been Freshly Pressed on WordPress. And I was ecstatic! I remember thinking, “The Lord loves me, He really loves me!  And He loves my parents to honor them in such a way.”

With excitement brewing and building within, the light turned green and I could hardly wait to get home and call my Sweet Hubby to tell him of the wonderful way that mom and dad had been honored.  When I returned home…

I walked into this:

(As you can see, yes, those are earrings hanging from the balloon ribbon. And since my favorite color is purple – in case you haven’t noticed – he was able to find purple roses that are the majority of the bouquet. “My Sweet Hubby loves me!”)

I immediately called him to thank him for the beautiful surprise and to tell him of the exciting news. That my little, unknown blog had been spotlighted as well as the fact that although I had tried unsuccessfully for local notoriety for my parent’s special day (as you can read about here), they had received world-wide notoriety. Afterwards I fired up my computer and spent the next two hours approving the many comments that were awaiting me, when I noticed another email.

This email was from a local city’s Chamber of Commerce asking to use a few of my photos for their chamber’s up and coming brochure! “Um, hello! Yes, yes, yes!” What an honor to be asked! Seeing that I’m a hobby photographer and take photos for fun, there is no way I’d tell them no. How cool to have MY pictures in people’s hands while touring the city! Both my parents are amateur photographers and my dad has photos that grace the website of the City of Grapevine’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, a few magazines and in other medias. I’ve said all along that I’m just following in my mom and dad’s foot steps when it comes to photography. (If you haven’t read About Me: Bit By the Shutter Bug, take a moment and this will make more sense.) This is just another one of those steps! Again, “The Lord loves me, He really loves me!”

So as you can see, my Valentine’s Day was FULL of Love! Joy! Surprises! Excitement! and so much more!

Once again I will tell you…He Loves me, He REALLY Loves Me!

And of all days for these special blessings to take place – on the day that represents Love – I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Let your favor shine on your servant.
In your unfailing love, rescue me. Psalm 31:16 NLT


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