Thank You ALL!

I just wanted to say, “Thank you everyone!” for all of your kind words, comments and encouragements on yesterday’s post regarding my parents’ 50th Anniversary. And “thank you” to WordPress Freshly Pressed for selecting that particular post to honor – and it truly is an honor – my parents, Paul and Judy Valentine!

Let me give you just a little background on something that WP had no idea of when they published that post.

You see, as a last-minute thought (too late) I had contacted the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to ask if they would like to run their story in the newspaper, just as they had 50 years ago. I never heard a single reply or acknowledgment from them. So, I decided to post their story myself since I am committed to the Post A Day challenge that WP has issued.

In doing so, I knew that my handful of followers (including my parents) would see it and be blessed. Little did I know that the entire WORLD would be seeing it.

I was literally gone ALL DAY yesterday so you can imagine my surprise and VERY FULL inbox when I returned. I normally like to reply to each of my comments individually, but please forgive me if that doesn’t happen this time.

Please accept my group THANK YOU and know that I am forever grateful that you took time to stop and say your “hellos” and “congrats.” It means the WORLD to me!

I have several posts to work on as well as hundreds of photos to process from yesterday, but I promise you this…I WILL be looking at each of your blog sites over the next week.

And once again…




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