The REAL Valentine's Day

Today is a very special day. It’s the celebration of a marriage. The marriage of two special people.

These people are the REAL Valentines! And today is THE Valentine’s day. The day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my parent’s, Paul and Judy Valentine.

50 years ago, these two young lovebirds were married on Valentines Day, February 14, 1961. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram saw their wedding announcement in the paper and contacted them to take their picture to run on their wedding day, front page.

Here is the clip from that paper:

On saturday, we had a family celebration to commemorate this special event. As a result we recreated this photo…50 years later.

They STILL have it!

We love you mom and dad. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Happy Your Day!


72 thoughts on “The REAL Valentine's Day

  1. That is so beautiful. Makes me almost regret the bitter, jaded Valentine’s Day messages I penned for my blog today.

    Oh well — if my life had turned out like this couple, I’m sure my sentiment would be much different!


    Thanks for sharing — and for opening my eyes to the “other” side of the VDay experience!


  2. That is quite the story. I should have gotten married on an occasion – that would help me to not forget my wedding anniversary every year. Live and learn.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!


  3. That was very warming!! Such successful old lovers, who weathered the seas of marriage and all the storms it brings, really brings with them encouragement. Thanks for this little peek into your life!!


  4. Awesome! A very positive and lovely Valentines post! It’s great that you guys re-did the photo too, that was a wonderful idea. Congrats on being FP!


  5. Pure awesomeness! Congrats to your Mom & Dad! 50 years is a real accomplishment. Nice to see they raised a fine daughter who honors her mother and father and is faithfully following the LORD. God bless!


  6. What a gorgeous, gorgeous post…and touching. My husband and I are celebrating our 10th year this year, and I’m looking forward to one day posting a picture like the one your parents took. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of life.


  7. I was born in the month of February. Maybe it was the month of love. Maybe it was the great lover Rudolph Valentino. Maybe they are what my parents were thinking why my name. I don’t actually, really, like my name very much. Rodolfo.


  8. This is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Really, thank you for putting a smile on my face (and a tear in my eye, I have to admit). I firmly believe true love exists, and your adorable parents are living proof. Thank you for sharing, and happy Valentine’s Day (in every sense!). 🙂


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  10. What a touching story. I have been reading so many negative comments about valentines day and why so many people hate it. This post is simple but inspiring. That is so awesome that your parents got married on valentines day and so romantic that they are still together. Congrats to them! x


  11. Wonderful post – your mom and dad must be very pleased that you share their story here. Happy 50th Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Valentine with best wishes from someone living half way around the globe from where you all are. God bless! (By the way, my wife and I will celebrate our 30th Anniversary next year and this story is very inspiring. Thank you.)


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