In Honor of P-Dub

Since P-Dub is coming to Dallas tomorrow and since I don’t live on a ranch or own cows or anything close and in honor of her arrival, I am posting this photo of my niece feeding a cow that lives behind the Feedstore BBQ. We were there this weekend celebrating a special event (which is soon to be announced.)

Side note: I HIGHLY recommend this little joint. It has history. It has great food. It has character. It has wonderful owners and staff. And it’s in a location you would never expect. Or should I say you would never expect to see it in its location. Well, it was there first. For many years. I remember getting minnows there when I was a child on our way to the lake to go camping. No, it was  not a BBQ restaurant at that time. Thank God!

Those cows have it made – they get the leftovers from the restaurant and the kiddos got to feed them. They really like baked potatoes and rolls. Not sure how they feel about beef.


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