Yesterday with all the snow we had, Lucy was so curious and desired to go out and play. So we let her. But only for a little bit as some of the drifts were taller than she is. Here are a few shots of her fun time in the snow.

My Sweet Hubby was having fun throwing snowballs at the garage (so thankful they weren’t at me!)

Lucy heard  him and became very curious. “Where did he go?”

“Nope, he’s not out front. Let’s try by the garage.”

“Daddy, where are you?”

“Ah, there he is!”


“Wow, this isn’t so bad. It’s actually kind of fun.”

“Um, mom…it’s getting a little deep. I think I’ve had enough. Can we go in now?”


4 thoughts on “SnowDoggy

    1. Well, Wendy…that was yesterday and this is Texas. Got to 57 today and most all is now gone. Lot’s of water sitting around and still snow in the shadow areas but the ground is brown again. It was pretty while it lasted. May get more on Tuesday night. Now THAT is VERY unusual for us!


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