Wrapped Around Her Little Paw

We are iced in another day.

Due to the increase in electricity around the state, Texas is experiencing “Strategically Planned Rotating Power Outages” which means that certain areas are having a loss of power for any where from 15 to 45 minutes at a time to conserve. The state is also asking for people to power down the unnecessary use of electrical items in order to conserve. We are doing our part. Have turned off items that don’t NEED to be on and have turned down our heat, although our current outside temp is 14º.

To make up for the cooler inside temperature we are bundled up. I couldn’t resist taking this picture with my phone. It is just a typical day in the life of our household and not at all because of the warmth or lack of. Nope, this is an example of just how our little Lucy has her daddy wrapped around her little paw EVERYDAY! And I just HAD to share it with you.


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