North Texas Gets Winter…and It's COLD!

Yesterday, I wrote about our beautiful 80 degree temps that we experienced on our Trip Around Town this past Saturday. Well, how quickly things change!

As I write this at noon on Tuesday, February 1st, my thermostat shows it is currently 18 degrees and a wind chill factor of -2º. Our expected low temp tonight is predicted around 8º. PLUS we aren’t supposed to get above freezing until Friday. Did I mention that I’m in north TEXAS! This is just not what we are accustomed to here in the south.

Some are blaming the Super Bowl.  Saying the northerners brought their weather with them. Others (and I prefer to lean towards this side) are saying that it is just our Southern Hospitality. We want the guests to feel right at home.’s COLD!

Yesterday the weather was cool, dreary and cloudy. Today it is bright, white and freezing! We began getting Winter Storm Warnings by late yesterday afternoon. We’ve heard that before and then would never get the results that were predicted. However, this time was different. The warnings were getting stronger and stronger and all news stations were agreeing. This Arctic Front was truly heading towards us and with all promises to actually reach our area.

About 3:30am I awoke to lightning. Then I heard the thunder, then I heard IT. IT being ice hitting my windows. For two hours I lay awake listening to the ice. Getting louder and louder along with the occasional flash of lightning and roar of thunder. Two hours this went on and then something happened…quiet. Nothing. But something was happening. It was a dusting of snow on top of the ice – which for north Texans is the worst. We just don’t get enough snow in these parts to have the equipment to drive on snow and worse is the fact, we don’t usually get snow only. It is usually accompanied by ice and there is just no driving on that. Period!

After falling asleep for several hours, this was my sight when my eyes finally opened again. This is the view out of our bedroom windows. Our little farmhouse on the hill (well, not ours – but we love this view. Hopefully very soon it will be someone else’s view, when our house sells.) Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every morning? It has truly been a blessing of a view.

Our little chiminea off the back patio sure looks cold. Not to mention Mr Turtle!

Making sure to get a couple of shots out the front door, which just so happens to face the north, I saw there had been a visitor at some point – most likely looking for warmth.

The north winds are gusting at 40-45 miles per hour which meant I didn’t open the door too much because…well…it’s COLD! When I did open a little more than just enough to stick my lens out, I noticed we had a drift.

OK, so it’s only about 4 inches but still. We have a snow drift! And it calls for desperate measures. It calls for getting out our very own snow plow.

What a strong, brave man I have. Risking all to dig us out from the drift. But of course, he did get it done with some instruction from me. Like, “Please don’t make a mess inside the house and Sweet Hubby, please do it quick!

Why? Because…IT’S COOOOOLD!”


4 thoughts on “North Texas Gets Winter…and It's COLD!

  1. Awesome compositions and beautiful light – Especially the shot with the foot tracks! Had me cracking up, for sure, given the amount of wild life that struts through my backyard without a care in the world, haha. We’re getting hammered pretty hard with snow here around Kansas City as well.


  2. Great photos, I especially like your snow drift! Heeheehee! It is COLD! I am sitting here with my sweats on and a heavy sweater over my sweatshirt! Brrrrrrrrrr! I enjoyed all of your awesome photos and the commentary was a delightful bonus!


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