A Trip Around Town

As I sit here today looking out the window in my home office and seeing the dreary, cloudy, cool weather, I’m having flashbacks to saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny, near 80 degrees day. And my sweet hubby and I just HAD to get out for a drive.

Since he had not been down to see the Cowboys Stadium yet, we decided to make that a destination. But before heading to Arlington, we drove thru downtown Fort Worth to see the Omni Hotel, which is where the Steelers are planned to stay this week.

Omni Hotel in Fort Worth. Home to the Steelers this week.

Downtown Fort Worth


Tarrant County Courthouse, Fort Worth, Texas

On to Arlington! Oh, the traffic! It was bumper to bumper once we got there. Between the road closures and the other nosey people (yes, like us), it was a mess. But hey, we had nothing else to do and it was, after all, a gorgeous day. So we inched our way past the stadium. There was even more being done to it than what we saw on Wednesday when I drove out with my FrenzyFriend.

How would you like to have THAT facing you?


Adding the players.

We then drove past to get a few shots of the stadium from a distance to show just how massive that thing is!

From a distance.

That thing is HUGE!

Closer view of the art.

As we headed back towards the stadium, we saw that many were out taking advantage of the beautiful weather and some where hoping to make a few bucks.


An Artist at work.

The art.

Not knowing at the time when the players would be arriving in town, we headed towards Texas Christian University where the Steelers will be practicing, to see if there were any signs of them just yet. On our way, we passed the Fort Worth Zoo. How is this for a greeting?


The big lizard of the Fort Worth Zoo.

No players were to be found, and soon discovered they were not even in town yet. So…on to the next “drive by.”

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is going on at this time in Fort Worth. We drove past the Montgomery Ward Plaza towards the Will Rogers Auditorium.

Montgomery Plaza

Sign for Will Rogers Memorial Center.

By this time, we were ready to get out of traffic and so we headed home. It was a gorgeous, beautiful perfect day for a drive. My camera was happy to get out and get used. And I was happy to be with my sweet hubby enjoying the day.

(Since I began this post, the weather service is now calling for a Winter Storm Warning for our area tomorrow with highs in the 20’s and not getting above freezing for more than three days. So glad I was able to get out when I did. Looks like a few days of staying in and staying warm are ahead. Gotta love Texas weather!)


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