Revisiting the Past with Texture

With the new year and thinking about the future, I decided to revisit the past – in photos, anyway. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know what I was photographing a year or more ago. I wanted to see how my tastes have changed. And with that research, I had an idea to take some of those photos and give them a new life. So I’ve been playing with adding textures.

In my opinion, adding textures is what can take an ordinary photo and turn it into a work of art. It’s an art form that I desire to delve into more in the coming year. I see other’s work and think, “How beautiful! Oh, how I desire my pictures to look that artistic.” But the bottom line is, practice makes perfect. The more I play with this area of photography, the better I will become.

So although I do not feel my work is quite there, I’m determined to share what I do so that others can see, give their opinions and critique. That is the only way I will improve in this particular form of art. After all, practice is what makes everything better.

So, tell me…what would you do different? What do you suggest I change to make these better? What are your suggestions?


Comments make me happy!

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