PhotoFrenzy: Cowboys Stadium in Preparation of the Big Day & More

Wow, I just realized that the last PhotoFrenzy I took was last summer. That is just too long! I hope to break that pattern and take more in 2011. For those who are not familiar with what my PhotoFrenzies are (or anything else on the Photography Blog section of 24atHeart, be sure to read this.)

This week I went on an unplanned and spontaneous PhotoFrenzy with my FrenzyFriend and BFF, author of She Fancies Fine Things. I had decided the night before that I really wanted to take a short drive to Arlington to get some shots of the Cowboys Stadium. I had an idea that it was set up for the Super Bowl and figured since this was a mark in history for our area, that I wanted to document it with my camera. So the next morning, I contacted my FrenzyFriend to see if she wanted to ride with me. Her response was, “Sure!”

I picked her up and we headed to Arlington. It was a beautiful, sunny day and being the time of day, had no traffic to contend with. I knew exactly where I wanted to go to get the shot – to the parking lot of Walmart that sits directly across from the stadium. We arrived and soon discovered that we were not the only ones with that idea. The back-end of the lot where we parked was loaded with other onlookers shooting from their car windows, out walking around the lot, shooting with point and shoot cameras, DSLRs and even their phones.

Although the sun was sitting directly over the stadium (and directly in our eyes), we did manage to get a few good ones…

We then decide to take a drive around to the backside of the stadium. Most of the roads were already blocked off so the closest we could get was a good distance away, through an open field and trees. This was as good as it got for the back, but it gives you an idea of how it looks.

We were then headed back home when I suddenly remembered seeing a historical marker that wasn’t far from where we were. So we took a short drive to find the location of the marker. We found the sign that pointed to the direction of the marker. We made the turn to find the place that General Tarrant, along with a company of volunteers, had a knockdown-dragout with some village indians. But the marker was nowhere to be found. Instead we found construction vehicles and an area that was obviously under construction. I guess the sign was removed. Too bad. I didn’t take any pictures of this area due to all the construction work – I should have anyway. Oh well!

Once again we were on our way home and then I remembered we were not far from Rose Hill Cemetery, which I had heard held the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald. Yes, the one who shot President Kennedy. Although I’d driven by this cemetery many times, I had never driven in.  It it is quite large and very beautiful. It included this old chapel.

Looking on our phones for information on Oswald’s grave, we learned that the office is not allowed to disclose where the grave site is located. But due to the wide range of information found on the web and the convenience of modern technology, we soon were able to pin point the location. One of the links gave the location being next to the grave marker with the name Nick Beef. There seems to be some mystery and rumor as to what this marker represents and why it is so similar to Oswald’s. Interesting!

After locating the grave site, we headed back home…once again…and this time we made it.

Until next time (and it won’t be long from now)…

3 thoughts on “PhotoFrenzy: Cowboys Stadium in Preparation of the Big Day & More

  1. Very interesting about Rose Hill and Oswald’s grave. I have been by that cemetery thousands of times but never in, I bet there are some old, old graves and markers too! Thanks for sharing! Awesome pictures! What a great talent you have! ♡


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