Weight Loss: What Happens When You Break the Cycle?

“But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.”  I Corinthians 9:27

Everything we do in life, we do in cycles.

Think about it.

We are born, go through life and at the end of a long and wonderful life, our bodies die. That is the life cycle.

You wake up in the morning and have your routine: brushing teeth, showering, getting dressed, going off to work or school, etc. That is your daily cycle.

If you are involved in sports or some other activity either for yourself or your children, you have a routine or cycle that you operate in during that season.

Everyone has cycles they go through and routines they get adjusted to. But what happens when that cycle is broken?

Things change, don’t they?

If you want change, then you are happy that the cycle is broken. If you don’t like the results, then it is up to you to create a new one.

I want to share from my own experience of what happens when the weight loss cycle is broken.

If you are familiar with me at all (or have dug around on this site, under No More Weighting) you know that in 2004 I began a new lifestyle cycle. That cycle included eating healthier, making wiser choices such as smaller portions in foods, etc. It also included a regular routine of exercise. When that cycle was first created, the extra 95 lbs I was carrying began to melt away. I was consuming fewer calories than I was burning and therefore weight loss was the fruit of that labor. And that continued for two years. Then in 2006, feeling so much better physically, mentally, emotionally and in the best health I’d been in for years, I modified my cycle. I continued to eat healthy and exercise regularly and that resulted in maintaining the weight loss. Maintenance continued for another three years.

Then it happened!

The latter part of 2009 I had a situation that interrupted my cycle. My regular routine of exercising several days per week was halted. I found myself sitting – just sitting for several months. Do you know what resulted in that broken cycle? Weight gain! It was gradual, but it happened. I went from exercising regularly and making smart food choices to sitting. And with the lack of exercise, making poor food choices followed.

And what happens when you break the cycle? Change happens. In this case, the change was not positive. And something else that happens when a cycle is broken – it can be difficult to put the cycle that produced positive results back into motion.

That is exactly what happened to me. The weight loss cycle was broken and I found myself in a new cycle. One that did not produce the results I wanted. One that was easy and comfortable to fall into. One that didn’t require operating in discipline. Now, don’t get me wrong! The lifestyle I had created back in mid 2004 was just that…a new lifestyle. Many of the positive changes I had made stuck with me and I’m thankful for that or I would have gained a lot more than 30 pounds in the last year and a half. I continued to measure foods and choose lower fat and calorie items over higher in most groceries I purchased. But when it came to going out to eat, my disciplined lifestyle flew out the door. Exercise became something I would do now and then as opposed to regularly, even once I was able to begin again after the hiatus.

Just as that good cycle had been broken and a new one (that wasn’t good) had been created, the time has now come to once again break the cycle. This time the change is going to be good! The weight loss cycle is ready to be installed and thus, it has! This cycle includes, once again, making healthy choices both at home AND when eating out. It also includes regular exercise – daily.

I’m excited! Excited to get the 30 pounds that I gained off of this short 5 foot 1 inch body and then go beyond and reach my ultimate goal. That goal will result in me reaching a total loss of 95 pounds since the cycle began in mid 2004!

So please remember…once you are on the weight loss cycle, don’t break it! The results are not worth it.

Who’s with me? Tell me your own weight loss stories and what you do to stay on the weight loss cycle. I’d really like to hear!


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