Lightroom to the Rescue! (Before and After)

If you have been following, then you already know where this is going. If you are stopping in for the first time, check out my Reminder on Thursday and my FotoFriday post yesterday.

As I had mentioned, I made the mistake that I’m quite sure every photographer has made at some point in their life. The mistake of not checking my settings prior to firing the shutter! As I chimped through to see my fabulous shots that I just happened to get as my little friend raised his little head, I quickly had flashbacks. Flashbacks to the last time I had my camera out to practice shooting in manual mode. Just so happens that because I don’t shoot in manual often enough, but rather shoot most of my images in Aperture Mode, I assumed it was still in A mode. Don’t EVER assume!

The fabulous shots I was expecting to see – the ones that I was able to catch just as my little buddy was sitting up nice and tall showing off all his beautiful, yellow glory – were instead a screen of black. No, not just dark, but BLACK!

Suddenly, I had peace! Peace in knowing that most likely not all was lost. Why not, you ask? Because I always shoot my photos in RAW and I have Lightroom 3. Perhaps, they could be saved!

The first shots below are SOOC in all their blackness:

(no kidding – this is it! and…)

These next ones are what the above looked like after taking them into LR3 and hitting the presets: General – Auto Tone and Punch. Then tweaking the saturation, detail, vibrance and a few other slight adjustment sliders that ended in this:


Then with a few more tweaks, cropping, and adding a little vignetting, the results are what you saw in yesterday’s FototFriday52. Here they are again:

All I can say is…thank God for giving man the ability to think and create awesome programs like LR and for the ability to allow us to shoot in RAW. Now, I just need to operate in what He has given me…a mind to remember to check my settings and never just shoot as if I’m operating a Point and Shoot camera when using my DSLR! Yes, I admit…I’m guilty!

How about YOU?

  • Have you ever made this mistake?
  • What tips can you share that you practice to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

I’d really like to learn from your experiences!


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