2011, Week 3 – Life Among the Withered

This week’s FotoFriday52 is actually two images that were shot yesterday as a result of a post I had read by a Friend of 24atHeart. (If you didn’t see yesterday’s post from The Suburban Misfit, be sure to check it out.)

After being inspired to put to action what I had just read, I went looking for something to photograph. That is when I spotted something unexpected out my front window. It was cold, dreary and the north winds were blowing strong when I spotted this little fella who was busy looking for some grub. He blended in so well with the withered foliage that I almost didn’t see him. If it hadn’t been for that stark yellow chest that shone brightly amongst the brown when he stuck his head up (at the sound of someone through the window – yes, me), I would have missed this opportunity.

Problem is, I fired the two best shots immediately after pulling my camera out of the bag without first checking my settings! Oh no! And then he was off in another direction where I couldn’t see him quite as well. And I wasn’t about to open the door to go outside because A) he would have been startled and probably flown off and B) it was COLD out there!

Then I remembered…not all was lost because I had shot the images in RAW and I own Lightroom 3! Hip hip hooray! So here are the two best images, both of which did NOT start out like this!

(Check back tomorrow to see the Before and After transformation.)


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