THIS Lost Us a Sell!

If you’ve been following, you know that we had a last-minute Home Showing yesterday morning.

One that I had to miss church for so that I could take Lucy out in the car while they came to view.

One that I sat in the car two hours for, one street over (in a spot that gives me a straight shot to see when the “guests” arrive and leave.)

One that so-called “guests” didn’t arrive until the last 10 minutes of the allotted time. Did I mention I was sitting in a car all this time, waiting? I forgot to mention that Lucy wasn’t happy about this and she barked the entire time. Oh and that it was drizzling and cold and just plain yuk. And again, did I say we were there two hours?

But all for the cause, right? The cause being to sell our house and move on to the next chapter of being debt free!

After all of that, I received a call this morning from my agent. Whenever I hear, “I have feedback for you” I know that means it’s not a contract or even an offer, and my heart sinks just a little. But what came next out of his mouth I was not prepared for. “They LOOOOVED the house and think it is BEAUtiful!” he said. Then…”However, they are not interested because of the well that is going up in the backyard.”

Huh? What? Did you just say because of the well? Do they not know we are in Texas? And do they not know that the monster of a tower and all its contraptions will only be there until they hit it and cap it? Then it will hardly be noticeable?

Yes, I do admit. It is U.G.L.Y. and it is HUGE and looks like you could throw a rock and hit it.

But truth is, there have been two other wells in the same general location since right after we moved in and once the monstrosity of a tower and all the garb that goes along with it is gone, you forget it’s there.

And it is not like it is within a stones throw!

And seeing that none of our windows face that direction but rather do face this…

…wouldn’t you say this view is worth it?

Well, all I can say is…your loss and someone else’s gain. So…NEXT!


6 thoughts on “THIS Lost Us a Sell!

  1. Debbi! That sunset is gorgeous!! Is that a photo your realtor has uploaded on the MLS? When buyers are out looking for property like yours, that sunset is what will help sell them. Tell them those rigs don’t stay up for very long: 180 days max from my experience!

    Blessings to you!



    1. Hi Jordan, nope it isn’t. As a matter of fact the pics I do have on the MLS look horrible and I’ve asked on more than one occasion to please reload them and this time DO NOT resize. They are resized so small that they are hardly recognizable.

      I asked him if he told them (the other agent) that the rig won’t be there long and his response was “they just asked me to let you know that.” LOL. Ok, uhh, thanks?

      Anyway, I’ve already decided that once we sell and should we decided to make another purchase instead of rent (our current plan), I’m callling you :). I’ve also referred some other people to you that are considering listing. Thanks for your input and comments!


  2. And all I can say is AMEN! You have not only missed out on a beautiful home with a beautiful view, you have also missed out on a home built and filled with love and blessings and blessings to be passed on to the next family! Your loss another’s gain! NEXT! NOW! 🙂


  3. Well, I love looking at the the wells at night. We are in Texas and its the new symbol like an oil rig or windmill. The view is spectactular.


  4. What a beautiful sunset. And you’re right, its their loss and someone else’s find. It’ll happen. If these people were so picky about that one little thing (so they say) you’re probably better off anyway. I imagine as you would have progressed through the contract they would have been difficult to deal with. I


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