Well, I did it!

One thing that my No More Weighting students have always said, is how much they appreciate my honestly and the fact that I am constantly going through the weight-loss journey with them. And both of those things are true. I am quick to admit my struggles – it proves I’m real. And I am faced with the same challenges as the next person. For those of us who were not born with perfect skinny genes or missed out on having metabolisms that can eat anything without gaining, we have to work constantly to live the lifestyle that will produce positive results. This means living a life of discipline, using wisdom and not giving into the flesh. This isn’t always an easy task.

And so I did it. I joined WW Online. I tell all my students they need some type of eating program where they can learn portions and make the correct decisions on nutritional foods for themselves. Unlike the plans that provide all the proportionately correct foods prepared for you, programs like WW teach you to make those decisions for yourself, proportion foods properly and create a lifestyle that will last. When I dropped 80+ lbs back in 2004, WW Online is the program that I used and was successful in…obviously. So, when I realized the time had come to step it up a notch for myself so that I don’t find myself back where I was the summer of 2004 prior to the loss, I knew what was needed was the program that is tried-and-true from my own experience. And so to the registration page I went.

With that said, tonight I sat here with a problem. The problem being I needed to eat 4 more points. And since I’m making wise choices, I chose this for my dessert:

(Taken with my iPhone and 100 Cameras in 1 iPhone App)


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