From Wish to When

Many people have a Wish List – a list of items they would like to own. I have a list also. But my list is not called a Wish List. Why, you ask? Because wishes have no substance. One definition in my dictionary of the word wish is: to want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

So, I began a list a while back that I refer to as my When List. It’s the list of things that I will get When I have the finances and When it’s the right time. Is it hard to wait for When? I admit it is challenging, but I can do it. When comes when Wishes don’t.

What’s on the top of my When List? A Canon 7d DSLR! I was bit by the shutter-bug a little more than a year ago and have a great camera that my parents gave me. Although I am not one of those who is considered a “Canon-only Person” or a Nikon-only Person”, since I already own lenses for a Canon Rebel, by making the 7d my next camera, it will save me quit a bit of moolah in not having to spend more on glass.

Now tell me, what is your favorite camera or perhaps what’s on your When List and why? I’m interested, I really am!


2 thoughts on “From Wish to When

    1. Yes, you can! Dreaming is good and might as well dream big! I had the 5d on my list for a long time but then I realized that I’d be in the same boat of needing new lenses due to the full frame. However, the 7d will take my current lenses, so my practical genes took over. My dad has the 5d and it’s an awesome camera! I keep wanting to switch with him when his head is turned but since I have a T1i, think I’d get caught pretty quick. 😉


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