Today was not actually a surprise. No, it had been planned for about three weeks. My very special friend (and co-publisher of friends2friends Devotions blog site) is celebrating her birthday today. Seeing that she was born a month later than me, almost to the day, she too must be 24! Aaaaannnyyywaaaaaay…


She had wanted to take me out for my birthday last month, however schedules didn’t allow. So, we made a date to go on her birthday and celebrate both,which happens to be today. After a wonderful Italian lunch at a wonderful restaurant (that I highly recommend: Patrizio and definitely try the Penne Caprese. It’s to live for!), we were arguing over who was going to pay. (For the record, we had agreed to buy each other’s lunch but someone had a different idea!) That someone snuck her debit card into the hand of our fabulous waitress and when I caught this transaction in the act, spoke up and said, “No, she can’t pay! Today is her birthday!” Then she responded with, “But it’s her birthday, too!” To which our fabulous waitress replied, “What? It’s both of your birthdays? Well, I’ll be right back!”

And she did! With two flaming bowls of the best Gelato and Biscotti cookies that I’ve ever tasted!

And there it was…”SURPRISE!”



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