Week 52 – The Final Sunset of 2010

I had planned another photo for this week’s FotoFriday52, however when I saw the final sunset for the year – make that decade – I just couldn’t resist! So out with my camera in my stocking feet I go. To grab just a few shots before the setting on a great decade.

In the past decade, we’ve had so many changes in our lives…Son went from being a zit-faced, metal-mouthed teenager, that had no need for parents and could care less about school to an honors college student, working his own way through the school of his choice and who sent me a text just last night to say, “Miss you all. I had a great time hanging out together. Y’all are the best parents ever. Love you! :-)”

Gained three nephews, two four-legged children (one of which left this earth a little more than a month ago), built our dream home, put our dream home on the market (and I just realized this will be our last New Year’s Eve in this home), built a business, lost a business but gained a ministry, gained weight, lost weight, gained some weight (but not for long!), saw Son graduate from High School, receive his audio engineering degree, lost touch with friends, regained friendships, made new friends, grew in the Lord, established ourselves in our church even more than ever, went on trips: saw the Grand Canyon, stayed in the Venetian in Las Vegas, visited the Smokey Mountains, the Grand Tetons, the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite National Park, drove more hours and more miles and through more states than I can even recall, chased Lancaster County Amish, visited The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas…twice, Hawaii…twice, Aruba, Mexico, a Caribbean cruise, wrote and published a book, developed as a motivational speaker training hundreds, picked up photography as a hobby, grew as a person, loved much, loved more and saw hundreds of beautiful sunsets from my own backyard. Just like this one…

the final sunset of 2010 and the final sunset of the decade!

Thank You, Lord, for all the blessings the last ten years have held and thank You in advance, for the ones headed our way in the next ten to come!


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